For endurance tests of electric axles and electric motors for vehicle applications in a back-to-back arrangement, conditioning with two fully separately controllable fluid circuits is required.

The Solution: Individual Temperature and Volume Flow Profiles in Two Circuits within a Single Temperature Control System

During the test runs, the test specimens are subjected to real load cycles, leading to highly dynamic changes in heat input into the medium. The disturbance variable ranges from 0 to 20 kWp and must be compensated for by the conditioning unit. At the same time, a setpoint profile with temperature change rates of 5 K/min must be precisely followed.

The system must be robust and suitable for long-duration continuous tests without interruptions while operating exceptionally energy-efficiently.

Pollux has developed a dual-conditioning system with two completely separately controllable fluid outlets and DUAL cooling for maximum energy efficiency in high-temperature and temperature cycling endurance tests.

2-circuit conditioning system with separate fluid circuits for flow rate and temperature, including an integrated low-temperature cooling unit.

High manufacturing depth and complete in-house expertise. From planning to software development to mechanical and electrical assembly, everything is carried out 100% in-house at Pollux.


  • Medium: Water/glycol
  • Temperature range: -40 °C .. +140 °C
  • Accuracy temperature: < 0,2 K stationary
  • Heating power: 20kW
  • Cooling power using buildings' cooling water system: 25kW
  • Cooling power low temperatures:
    8kW @ -38°C via integrated chiller
  • Semi-hermetic two-stage compressor
  • Volume flow range: 0..25 l/min
  • Volume flow sensor:
    fully integrated, MID-technology, 0,2 % class
  • Differential pressure: max. 2bar @ 25l/min
  • Control modes: Temperature, volume flow, pressure
  • Safety: Limit value monitoring and integrated safety module with an external emergency stop connection, backpressure-dependent flow restriction, software-configurable for component protection.
  • Filling and venting routines for fully automated venting
  • Interface: EtherCAT
  • Design: Mobile on casters, compact construction


Full Flexibility with one Temperature Control System

Independent Fluid Circuits for Maximum Flexibility

The media circuits can be controlled independently of each other both in terms of temperature and flow rate. The synergy effects compared to two individual devices are remarkable, and the space advantage adds extra flexibility in the test room.

Pressure Relief System for Test Object Protection

The system features flow rate control. Due to increased viscosity of the medium in the low-temperature range, the pressure drop across the test specimen can significantly rise. To protect the test specimen, the system provides backpressure-dependent flow restriction through pressure regulation. You only need to specify the maximum allowed inlet pressure at the test specimen, and the test specimen will continue to be supplied with a reduced flow rate.


Energy efficiency is of the utmost priority. Pollux incorporates an additional heat exchanger for direct cooling against the costumers' cooling water system when the temperature level allows it. The integrated refrigeration compressor only engages when necessary. Direct cooling using the cooling water system always offers energy advantages, reducing costs and the operating hours of the refrigeration compressor.

A Combined Device for a Single Application

This full-media conditioning provides all the required functions in one package. The temperature control system provides individual conditioning of the medium in temperature and flow rate in two separate circuits. The entire fluid circuit is tailored to your medium and application. The refrigeration machine is integrated into the temperature control system.

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