Endurance Test Bench for Water Pumps and Valves with Separated Fluid and Ambient Conditioning

A high-performance test bench with environmental simulation and precise cooling water conditioning is required for testing automotive coolant pumps and valves. The goal is to simulate the conditions that can occur in the vehicle as accurately as possible.

Robust Test Stand for Endurance Testing of up to 12000 Hours for the Validation of Cooling Circuit Components

Continuously increasing customer requirements and increasingly complex test scenarios demand high-performance testing environments. Additionally, there are high demands for availability to conduct time-critical endurance tests without major interruptions. At the same time, there is a desire for high flexibility in testing capabilities to be able to test products in a customer-specific manner.

The system must quickly and accurately capture both hydraulic and electrical parameters of the test specimens in both manual and automatic test procedures.

The compact endurance test bench consists of a custom-made stainless steel temperature chamber, media conditioning, and two control cabinets for power supplies, measurement technology, and automation with a user interface.
The test bench has four hydraulic test circuits. Each test circuit includes an inlet and two outlets. Each outlet, in turn, has a throttle valve for setting the operating point and a flow meter. This allows for testing up to eight test specimens simultaneously.

Compact special test bench for testing components of the automotive cooling circuit. Media conditioning including a refrigeration unit on the left side. Temperature chamber and test specimen glycol circuit in the middle. Patch panel and measurement technology on the right side.

Control and measurement technology in the control cabinet and 19-inch rack, including operator's computer.

Custom stainless steel temperature chamber with large viewing windows and lighting for up to eight test specimens.

Messdaten eines Stufentemperaturtests. Aufgetragen ist das Temperaturverhalten im Wasser-Glykol-Kreis und in der Temperaturkammer. Jede Stunde wird die Temperatur um 5°C verändert. Die Regelabweichung im stationärem Zustand unterschreitet die geforderten +-1K deutlich.


Temperature Chamber

  • Minimum temperature of chamber: -40°C

  • Maximum temperature of chamber: +150°C

  • Accuracy temperature: < 1K stationary

  • Temperature change rate for cooling: 3K/min

  • Temperature change rate for heating: 3K/min

High-Performance Conditioning System for Fluid

  • Medium: Water/glycol

  • Minimum temperature: -40°C

  • Maximum temperature: +150°C

  • Accuracy temperature: < 1K stationary  

  • Temperature change rate for cooling: 3K/min

  • Temperature change rate for heating: 3K/min

Automation and Measurement Technology

  • Integration into the customer's higher-level control system

  • Real-time system for controlling the temperature units and data acquisition

  • LIN- & PWM-interface for specimen control

Measurement Parameters

  • Voltage

  • Current

  • Temperature

  • Flow

  • Differential pressure for each specimen

  • System pressure

Temperature chamber (left) with patch panel (right) for easy installation of test specimens.

Messdaten eines Temperaturwechseltests. Aufgetragen ist das Temperaturverhalten im Wasser-Glykol-Kreis und in der Temperaturkammer. Die Rampen im linken Bereich betragen 1K/min, in der Mitte 2K/min und im rechten Bereich 3K/min.


High-Performance Test Stand, Perfectly Tailored to Your Application

Custom Temperature Chamber

The temperature chamber is tailored to your needs and requirements. The dimensions have been chosen to allow ergonomic handling of up to eight test specimens.

Separately Adjustable Ambient and Fluid Temperatures

The two independently operating conditioning systems for air and media allow the simulation of interlocking conditions with up to 130°C temperature difference.


Energy efficiency is of the utmost priority. Pollux incorporates an additional heat exchanger for direct cooling against the costumers' cooling water system when the temperature level allows it. The integrated refrigeration compressor only engages when necessary. Direct cooling using the cooling water system always offers energy advantages, reducing costs and the operating hours of the refrigeration compressor.

Cooling Water and Power in Your Test Environment Are Sufficient

With this conditioning system, you have combined all functions: Our powerful temperature control system and the temperature chamber are equipped with an integrated deep cooling machine. A building cooling water circuit, cooled via a cooling tower, and a high-voltage connection are sufficient.

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