Advanced EOL Solution for Premium Segment Illuminated Door Panels: Maximizing Variability

In this project for door panels in the premium segment, the focus is on maximum variability. Four door panels each for three different model series, with additionally flexible features, must all be tested in just one EOL.

The solution: High-resolution camera on a robotic arm

This sophisticated testing setup is specifically designed to address the complexity of door panels with multiple light functions. Each panel requires thorough inspection from a multitude of positions and angles, necessitating a versatile and precise testing system. To achieve this, we utilize a high-resolution industrial camera attached to a robotic arm, positioned at the bottom of the End-Of-Line (EOL) testing setup. This allows for detailed and dynamic inspection of the A-side light functions. Furthermore, due to the manual connection of LED modules, the door panels are placed B-side up in the EOL. To comprehensively capture the B-side, we have equipped the test stand with multiple stationary cameras on the ceiling. This dual-camera system enables us to meticulously examine both sides of the door panel, focusing on the intricate light functions on the A-side and the precise control of attachments on the B-side. This innovative approach ensures a thorough and accurate assessment of the door panels, reflecting our commitment to excellence in testing for the premium automotive segment.

During the test, the robot moves to various positions and the light functions are recorded separately. To save cycle time, photos from the stationary cameras are taken while the robot moves to the next position.

A total of 6 interchangeable frames allow all 12 door panel models to be tested in the same facility. Overall, the testing facility manages over 1000 test criteria!

Direct and ambient light functions

View of the bottom of the EOL, where the high-resolution camera is mounted on the robotic arm. A protective cage safeguards the camera from damage. During the changeover of test objects, the camera is additionally moved to a secure parking position.
View of the interchangeable frame level. On each interchangeable frame, negative shells (black) are mounted to ensure secure placement of the test object. The exchange of the interchangeable frame can be performed by a single employee in under a minute.
Full view


  • Fully shielded test station
  • Automatic rolling door
  • 6-axis-robot
  • 29MP-camera (for A-side) with a resolution > 1px/0,1mm
  • stationary 5MP-cameras (for B-side)
  • Spring contact for safe electrical contacting
  • Control of LIN-components
  • Test of electrical parameters
  • Interchangeable frame system for maximum fleibility
  • Signal traffic light for system status
  • Key switch for NIO component release
  • Tools for post processing


Ultimate Performance: A System that Fulfills Every Expectation

Robot Arm Equipped with Camera

Full Flexibility Achieved by Mounting a High-Resolution Camera on the Robot

A User-Friendly Evaluation Tool for Additional Insights.

The client receives a tool that allows them to independently evaluate the photos taken retrospectively – for example, to gain an overview of the measurement results for a specific inspection criterion of a day's production.

Customized Evaluation Algorithms for Clients

Directly illuminated light guides, ambient light strips, and backlit components with patterns: For the innovative lighting effects, customized evaluation algorithms are developed in collaboration with the client and the OEM to identify and sort out all defective components – and only those!

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