Testing System with 14 Stationary Cameras for 100% Inspection of Dashboards

In this project for 100% inspection of dashboards, the focus is on low cycle time and robust technology. The system is manually loaded and tests both left-hand and right-hand drive versions in different equipment variants.

The Solution: 14 Stationary Cameras Simultaneously Photographing the Test Object from Multiple Angles

The EOL is designed as a fully enclosed testing station with a solid steel base. At its core is the component holder, where the test specimen is manually placed. After pressing the start button, the roller door closes, and automatic scanners detect the product label. Once the serial number is matched with the customer's database, the End of Line system receives information about the variant to be tested from the server. The testing criteria are then compiled by the system, and the test procedure begins.

The 14 cameras capture photos with varying exposure times and from different angles to reliably cover all testing criteria. By parallelizing photo capture and processing, valuable cycle time can be saved. Less than 20 seconds are needed for the inspection, excluding component handling.

In the case of a non-conformance (NIO) result, the roller door only opens after clearance is granted. The relevant NIO test criteria are marked in red on the screen on the corresponding photos, providing direct feedback to the user.

The EOL is constructed from aluminum profiles on a solid steel base. Forklift tabs enable easy transportation of the system. The roller door extends across the entire front to prevent potential collisions during component handling. Controllable LED modules on the ceiling and floor provide reproducible lighting conditions.

The component holder is designed as a tripod. Guides facilitate the insertion of the test specimen. A symmetrical design allows for the accommodation of both left-hand and right-hand drive vehicles equally.


  • Fully shielded test station
  • Automatic rolling door
  • Automatic barcode scanners
  • 14 stationary 5MP-cameras
  • Universal test specimen holder
  • Cycle time < 20s
  • Connected to customers database




Ultimate Performance: A System that Fulfills Every Expectation

Universal Test Specimen Fixture

Thanks to a smart mounting concept, the need for a tool change is completely eliminated: right-hand and left-hand drive versions can be easily and reproducibly placed in the identical holder.


The system communicates via an OPC interface with the customer's MES (Manufacturing Execution System) shop floor system. This ensures that the test specimen corresponds to 100% of the variant to be produced.

No Moveable Parts

The image capture is solely done by the stationary cameras. As a result, there are no moving components within the system, which minimizes the potential risk of failure to an absolute minimum.

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