Testing Device for Quality Assurance of Light Guides

In this project, light guides are to be evaluated both electrically and in terms of their lighting technology. The aim is to detect potential errors in the injection-molded parts or in the subassemblies. The system should be capable of testing a wide variety of different test specimen variants.

The Solution: Test Stand with Interchangeable Frame System

The EOL is designed as a fully enclosed test station with an automatic roller door. At the heart of the setup is a component holder where the test specimen is manually placed. Upon pressing the start button, the roller door closes, and the testing process begins. After the test is completed, the photos, measurement results, and overall result are displayed on the screen.

Too bright or too dark areas are highlighted in red or blue, respectively, on the photos, allowing the operator to directly diagnose errors. Defective test specimens must be placed in the bad parts box located beneath the roller door. This deposit is checked by a light barrier.

AVIS inspection system with a roller door, bad parts box, operator station, and label printer.

To test a wide variety of specimens up to 1000 mm in length in the same EOL, the component holder is constructed on an interchangeable frame. The electrical interface is established using a Harting connector. This exchange can be performed by an employee in under a minute.

Test Object Connection

For subassemblies that already include LED modules, hand contact systems with spring contact pins are installed on the respective interchangeable frames. In the case of pure injection-molded test specimens, reference light sources are used.


  • Fully shielded test station

  • Automatic rolling door

  • One high-resolution, stationary 32-megapixel camera

  • Color sensors for the detection of color shifts

  • Freely configurable testing procedures

  • Interchangeable frame system

For controlling the bare light guides, LED modules in hand contact systems are used.


Examining Delicate Components Under the Magnifying Glass

Freely configurable testing procedures

The user can create or edit various testing procedures in a password-protected layer. Here, threshold values or entire test criteria can also be adjusted.

Color sensors

In addition to the high-resolution camera, a color measurement system is integrated to precisely detect any potential color shifts along the light guide.

Reliable test procedure

Before starting the test, the camera system checks for the presence of the test specimen and verifies correct contact has been established.

Future-proof investment.

The interchangeable frame system allows for the easy addition of new test specimens.

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