Temperature Control System for Conditioning a Traction Battery for Automotive Applications (BEV) in Test Stand Operation

A powerful conditioning system is required for operating a lithium-ion battery for electric vehicles in a test bench setup. The system must be flexible for conducting parameter tests and endurance runs.

The solution: a temperature control system with an integrated refrigeration unit for low-temperature conditioning down to -40°C.

Conditioning System with a Temperature and Flow-Controlled Fluid Outlet and Backpressure-Dependent Flow Restriction for the Protection of the Vehicle Battery

The system must provide high heating and cooling capacities across the entire temperature range and precisely follow setpoint profiles of all sizes. Furthermore, it requires flow rate measurement with DakkS calibration and high accuracy. To simplify handling, the system should feature an integrated blowout function for the test specimen, which can return the remaining medium to the tank at the end of the test.

Furthermore, to protect the component, it must be ensured that the maximum absolute pressure in front of the DUT (Device Under Test) does not exceed a value that is configurable via software.

The system must be robust and suitable for long-duration continuous tests without interruptions.

Temperature control system for conditioning a traction battery for automotive applications, with a liquid-cooled control cabinet designed for elevated temperatures in the test bench.
Two-stage, semi-hermetic reciprocating refrigeration compressor for low-temperature generation for media temperatures of -40°C – robust and durable.


  • Medium: Water/glycol
  • Temperature range: -40°C … +140°C
  • Accuracy temperature: < 0,2 K stationary
  • Heating power: 20kW
  • Cooling power: 20kW (using costumers' cooling circuit)
  • Cooling power for low temperatures: 9kW @-38°C via integrated chiller
  • Refrigeration unit:
    Semi-hermetic two-stage compressor
  • Volume flow range: 
    … 50 l/min via servo-speed-technology
  • Volume flow sensor:
    fully integrated, MID-technology, 0,2 % class, DakkS-calibrated
  • Differential pressure: 3 bar @ 50 l/min
  • Control modes: Temperature, flow, pressure
  • Safety: Limit value monitoring and integrated safety module with an external emergency stop connection, backpressure-dependent flow restriction, software-configurable for component protection.
  • Special features:
    Blow-out-function for complete draining of the DUT
  • Filling and venting routines for fully automated venting
  • Interfaces: CAN, Ethernet Client
  • Design: Mobile on casters, compact construction


Full Flexibility with one Temperature Control System

Specifications Tailored to Your Test Object

Media temperature, flow range, system pressure level, cooling capacity, heating capacity, and much more – all individually tailored to your requirements. Does one of your parameters deviate from common requirements? No problem, contact us. We have the solution for you.


Energy efficiency is of the utmost priority. Pollux incorporates an additional heat exchanger for direct cooling against the costumers' cooling water system when the temperature level allows it. The integrated refrigeration compressor only engages when necessary. Direct cooling using the cooling water system always offers energy advantages, reducing costs and the operating hours of the refrigeration compressor.

Pressure Relief System for Test Object Protection

The system features flow rate control. Due to increased viscosity of the medium in the low-temperature range, the pressure drop across the test specimen can significantly rise. To protect the test specimen, the system provides backpressure-dependent flow restriction through pressure regulation. You only need to specify the maximum allowed inlet pressure at the test specimen, and the test specimen will continue to be supplied with a reduced flow rate.

Cooling Water and Power in Your Test Environment Are Sufficient

The high-performance temperature control system features an integrated cooling unit. Most test benches are not equipped with an integrated cooling circuit. With this full-media conditioning, you have combined all functions in one system. A building cooling water circuit, cooled back through a cooling tower, and electricity are sufficient for achieving a media temperature of -40°C at the test specimen.

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