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Pollux Testing: Your foremost authority in the design, automation, and management of test benches specializing in fluid conditioning, drive technology, and state-of-the-art camera-based inspection systems.

Through our team of highly qualified consultants, in-house engineering experts, dedicated construction crew, and skilled project management professionals, we guarantee the fulfillment of our customers' rigorous quality standards on a global scale.

As an independent and impartial testing service provider, equipped with a robust and adaptable testing laboratory, we stand prepared to support you. Our expertise lies in component testing, with a particular focus on environmental simulation and durability assessments.

Developing test benches demands excellence across multiple disciplines - the perfect combination of equipment and a proficient team is what sets us apart!

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Pollux Testing. Beyond the conventional test bench construction.

Benefit from our years of experience as a development partner and independent testing service provider. Our industry-specific knowledge as both manufacturers and users sets us apart.

Our references - a testament to trust, excellence, and enduring partnerships.

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