Temperature Control Systems: Conditioning Air & Liquids

Pollux is specialized in the development and manufacturing of temperature control systems. Our innovative and dynamic system designs ensure excellent control properties, enabling efficient component validation even under the most demanding testing conditions.

Conditioning systems from Pollux:
Precise and fast temperature control for optimal test results.

Pollux temperature control systems are the cornerstone of modern thermal management applications. Electric propulsion systems are continually becoming more efficient. The design of thermal management for batteries and drive train components demands a sophisticated development and testing environment
Our temperature control systems assist in component testing during validation, even with manufacturer-specific custom fluids. Our 'modular system' allows for individual adaptation to your application – in addition to temperature control, a wide range of flow rate and pressure control applications can be accommodated.

Our exceptionally dynamic road-to-rig conditioning systems enable the highest control speeds in temperature, pressure, and flow rate. They are deployed in situations where the replication of fast and lifelike processes is essential.

The systems can be cooled through building cooling circuits or are equipped with an integrated refrigeration or cryogenic generator.


Pollux Temperature Control Systems make all the difference.

Precise Control of Temperature, Flow Rate, and Pressure.

Model-based control systems and optimized hydraulic concepts form the foundations for flawless results. Depending on the specific application, our temperature control systems precisely adhere to predefined setpoint profiles or maintain operating conditions at the test object's inlet despite extreme load variations.

Plug-and-Play Principle.

Our systems leave our facility after undergoing extensive tests on commissioning test benches. Customized for your application, we rigorously assess the temperature control systems under customer application conditions, ensuring their readiness for action. Simply connect power and cooling water, and you're ready to go!

Resilient to External Influences.

When necessary, temperature control is based on our proven servo injection technology. Dynamic dosing pumps replace traditional valve systems, achieving system characteristics that would otherwise be unattainable in terms of range, speed, and precision

Simplified Diagnosis and Remote Maintenance.

Our well-designed systems for easy diagnosis and remote maintenance provide you with time-efficient and cost-effective solutions. Because we understand: Time is money!

Pollux Temperature Control Systems:
Full Media Conditioning for the Highest Demands

Pollux temperature control devices are full media conditioning systems.

Maintaining defined temperature gradients is crucial, especially in environmental simulation tests. Simultaneously, the flow rate and heat performance of the test objects vary, and the viscosity of the media fluctuates between 'thicker than honey' and 'thinner than water' depending on the temperature.

We apply the extensive experience gained from our in-house test benches to the development of our temperature control devices.

Pollux live in action!
Application Examples of Our Temperature Control Systems (Conditioning Technology)

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