From Environmental Simulations to Special Tests: Tailored Testing Services

Fueled by the passion to deliver the best results every day, we also offer testing services to our customers. In our state-of-the-art testing laboratory, you have the opportunity to validate your components and assemblies.

Profitieren Sie von hohen Rückkühlleistungen, auf allen Temperaturniveaus von -40 °C bis 180 °C in Kombination mit großen Leistungen im HV-Spannungsbereich bis 1500 V.

Wir setzen herstellerspezifische und normative Prüfanforderungen routiniert und kompetent um und gehen dabei immer auf Ihre individuellen Anforderungen ein.

Namhafte Komponenten- und Systemhersteller der Automobil- und Zuliefererindustrie sowie des Maschinen- und Anlagenbaus vertrauen seit vielen Jahren auf unsere Expertise.

Optimal Testing and Conditioning Technology for Best Test Results

Pollux Testing ist nach DIN 9001 zertifiziert und erfüllt höchste Qualitätsstandards im Prüfwesen. Ob Umweltsimulation, Betriebs­festigkeits­erprobung oder Sonderversuch – wir liefern unseren Kunden als zuverlässiger und flexibler Prüf­dienstleister stets beste Ergebnisse!


Testing solutions from Pollux: Your Advanteges

Customized Test Service Development

Especially in the development of new products, individual testing criteria are essential. Therefore, we work with our customers to specify common test conditions in the early stages of development. This allows us to provide valid results for the development process at an early stage.

Modular Test Field

Pollux Testing can equip each test bench with individual equipment modules, ensuring that only the necessary technology is used in each specific test. This flexibility allows us to respond to test requests efficiently, resulting in cost savings that we are pleased to pass on to our customers.

Synergy Effects Between Test Bench Construction and Testing Services

As our customer, you benefit significantly from the synergy between our in-house custom test bench construction and testing services. We can bridge lead times and define the key test specifications in collaboration with our customers. This enables you to generate highly accurate measurement results even before the completion of your own test bench. Alternatively, you can leverage the expertise of our testing professionals to identify critical test requirements for your components.

Data Processing and Comprehensive Report Generation

Especially in long-term testing scenarios, data processing can be quite extensive. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive data analysis and report generation service. This way, you have your key test results summarized and readily available. We are also happy to accommodate individual customer requirements for specific data formats or graphical representations.

Beispiele für Versuchsdienstleistungen:

  • Thermal shock

  • Pre-Aging-Tests

  • Durability Testing / Operational Reliability Testing / Endurance Test
    – PTCE: Powered Thermal Cycling Endurance
    – HTOE: High Temperature Operating Endurance / L-02
    – TS: Thermal Shock Requirements
    – SSTE: Shipping/Storage Temperature Exposure

  • Environmental Simulation

  • Parameter Test

  • Pump Characteristic Mapping

  • Electric Motor Test Bench

  • Reverse Polarity Test

  • Tests for the Approval of Cooling Media

  • Special Tests

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Application Examples of our Testing Services

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