Camera-Based Inspection Systems for 100% Product Quality Assurance

Our automatic visual inspection systems (AVIS) are the top choice for analyzing complex lighting functions and flawless image recognition. With their quick cycle time, robust technology, and user-friendly interface, our test benches seamlessly integrate into your production environment.

Image Processing at the Cutting Edge of Technology

The quality demands on your products are rapidly increasing. Our camera-based test systems provide the perfect testing environment to meet these requirements!

With our years of extensive experience in the use and development of image processing systems, we offer you a wide range of possible testing methods:

  • Presence of clips, clamps, screws, etc.
  • Verification of the correct variant of attachments
  • Object identification
  • Control and evaluation of intelligent attachments (LIN, CAN, ...)

  • Electrical checks

  • Functional testing of Lights

  • Spatially resolved homogeneity testing of LED lighting functions

  • Gradient analysis for reliable detection of hot spots

  • Colour analysis of light functions

Direct and ambient light functions

Some of our methods for evaluating light functions have been developed in close collaboration with OEMs and are now integrated into their testing specifications

Is your specific use case missing here, or are you currently exploring a new innovative topic? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us! We are here as your competent partner, even for new developments.


Pollux End-of-Line Test Benches: Your Advantages

Analysis of complex light functions

Lighting functions are becoming increasingly numerous, intricate, and complex. Our team of physicists and engineers provides intelligent evaluation algorithms and collaborates with you and your customers to develop pragmatic and effective analysis methods, even for entirely new inquiries!

Robust Image Processing

For component recognition and a image processing process, we utilize the powerful functionalities of LabVIEW's image processing library. This approach enables robust image processing with minimal development effort.

Fast cycle time

We also implement complete automation using LabVIEW: By parallel processing image capture, image processing, process control, and data storage, valuable cycle time can be saved.

Post processing

Using our proprietary tools, the images and measurement results already captured can be analyzed independently of the production process. A clear presentation of daily or weekly productions (including export functionality) provides the ideal foundation for optimization processes or discussions with your customer.

Our AVIS Systems: Investment-Secure Multi-Talents

The core of our systems consists of camera systems with powerful image processing capabilities. By default, we use high-quality industrial cameras from 'Allied Vision.' However, integration of absolute luminance cameras (Konica Minolta, LMK, ...) is also possible.

The unique storage of photos and measurement results ensures complete traceability. The well-designed user interface simplifies troubleshooting for non-conforming results: The corresponding test object photo is automatically displayed, and the faulty component is highlighted in red.

To achieve reproducible results, the test stations can be fully enclosed if necessary, either through automatic high-speed doors or manual lift doors.

Exchangeable frames for various test objects within a single system.

Thanks to our interchangeable frame system, you can test different test objects in the same system. The negative shells allow for gentle and reproducible test object handling. Adding new test objects even after project completion is not an issue. Our end-of-line inspection benches for optical inspection provide exceptional investment security.

Pollux live in action!
Application Examples of Our Camera-Based Testing Systems

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