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Pollux: Testing at the Highest Level. From customized testing facilities to innovative services - Your partner for quality and reliability.

At Pollux, we focus on assisting our customers through the testing of technical systems. With state-of-the-art test benches and comprehensive testing services, we empower companies to continuously enhance their products.

Additionally, we develop and manufacture custom test facilities and components tailored to our customers' needs. This enables our customers to thoroughly test and validate their own developments and products for optimal results.

Our work is founded on values like appreciation, team spirit, and a relentless pursuit of technological excellence. Our ultimate goal is to consistently provide reliable and high-quality solutions, not just meeting but exceeding our customers' expectations. If you have any questions or would like more information about our services, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Headquarters of Pollux Testing in Kirchheimbolanden

Benefits & Facts

Pollux Testing. Beyond the conventional test bench construction.

Strong Solution Orientation

Pollux offers more than products and services – we create solutions!

At the top in the Palatinate and globally connected

Locally rooted, regionally grown, and globally connected with qualified partners

Commitment to Lasting, Collaborative Customer Partnerships

At Pollux, we excel in the B2B domain, but our true strength lies in our Human2Human (H2H) approach, emphasizing personal connections and tailored interactions. We firmly believe that test benches are not mere commodities to be selected from a catalog. Instead, they require a nuanced, personalized approach.

Tailored Precision in Test Bench Construction and Testing Services

We not only deliver turnkey, ready-to-use special test benches, but also support you when you lack time, personnel resources, or the necessary investment funds: with Testing Services in our in-house testing laboratory.

Everything from a Single Source!

Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, software – all in-house: We utilize the synergies of various disciplines.

Reliability in all project phases

We support your projects with personal contacts and high problem-solving competence.

Highly Skilled and Qualified Workforce

With commitment, passion, and a solid education and training, each of our employees contributes daily to our common corporate goals.

Pollux: How it started ...

The journey of Pollux began in 2008, spearheaded by founders Christian and Michael, who brought a wealth of experience and insights from their tenure in the testing field of a prominent automotive supplier. Their long-standing collaboration as colleagues and their firsthand experience as employees in this dynamic industry equipped them with a deep understanding of the 'user pain' associated with test benches and their peripherals. This unique perspective on the challenges and intricacies of the field inspired them to create Pollux. Their vision was to revolutionize the way test benches are developed and utilized, addressing the real-world challenges they had encountered and observed. Their combined expertise and innovative approach laid the foundation for what Pollux stands for today: a company deeply attuned to the needs of its users and committed to delivering practical, cutting-edge solutions.

Despite the economic crisis at the time, they were certain: Testing must be done differently! Their goal: to build test benches for challenging applications and to automate them in harmony with functionality, efficiency, and user-friendliness.

The purpose of the business was clear, but what should the company be named? What initially sounded a bit kitschy gave direction to the theme: Let's reach for the stars.

With this vision in mind and the fact that Christian and Michael share the same birthday and thus the same zodiac sign, gave the decisive impulse. Thus, Pollux, the brightest star in the constellation Gemini, became the chosen namesake for their venture.

Vorname Name, Position
Vorname Name, Position

That the venture has already achieved much and will continue to grow, the entire Pollux team is convinced! We look forward to the company's continued sustainable and organic development.

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