Maintenance, Calibration, and Service for Test Benches

We understand the significance of high-tech testing systems for our customers, especially when they are directly integrated into the production process or when time-critical component testing is planned.

Through our service and maintenance offerings, which we tailor to the needs of our customers or provide within a support package, we are readily available to assist you quickly and seamlessly.

Our support team is also available to assist you with spare parts procurement.

Equipment Maintenance at Pollux: Time and Cost-Efficient Maintenance, Calibration, and Service Activities for Customer-Specific Systems

To conduct maintenance, calibration, and service activities on customer-specific systems as efficiently as possible, we consider the requirements for optimized maintainability right from the design process.

In addition to using industrial standard components, the necessary maintenance-related functions of the testing equipment also play a crucial role.
Each of our systems comes equipped from the factory with a diagnostic system and a VPN access for remote maintenance. This allows our support team to respond to your needs quickly and from anywhere.

Our maintenance services portfolio includes, among others:

  • Removal of old insulation followed by re-insulation

  • Filter replacement

  • Inspection of moving parts, fill level, tightness, or volume flow distribution

  • Tank cleaning and flushing

  • Gasket replacement

  • Load tests

  • Testing according to DGUV 3

  • Sensor check

  • Cleaning and Maintenance Tasks

  • Etc.

Do you require additional services in the field of service and maintenance?

Feel free to reach out to us. Together, we will define a service offer that matches your requirements.


Maintenance and Service for Test Benches: Preventing Breakdowns and Saving Costs

Ensuring Equipment Availability

Through regular maintenance, we ensure the availability of your equipment. Potential damages can be detected early, preventing unexpected test bench failures.

Ensuring Accurate Test Results

Through regular maintenance and calibration of your test bench, we ensure accurate test results, preventing unpleasant consequences caused by distorted measurements!

Ensuring Equipment and Operator Safety

Regular, expert maintenance of the safety-critical components of the test bench protects you and your employees from financial and health-related consequences.

Extended Lifespan of the Test Bench

By regularly inspecting and maintaining your test system, you also contribute to preserving its value and extending its lifespan. This helps save costs on repairs or replacements.

Spare Parts Procurement: Smart Preparedness Instead of Lengthy Lead Times

High reliability and endurance are crucial for test benches. However, in complex systems, despite all care and regular maintenance, errors may occur or the system may fail. In such cases, rapid diagnosis and troubleshooting are essential.

It's not always a software error or a defective off-the-shelf industrial component that is readily available worldwide. For such cases, a classification of spare parts is made during the creation phase of your test bench to determine the average availability of spare parts.

In addition, we provide you with a recommendation on which components should be kept in stock. This helps prevent extended machine downtime and eliminates the need to endure long lead times.

For the storage of your components, you can, for example, utilize our service cabinet, which we can deliver to you together with your test bench and the optional spare parts package upon request. This way, you'll always have the recommended spare parts conveniently located in the dedicated service cabinet right next to your test bench.

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